Tuesday, January 31, 2006


This is not a very international topic, but I guess it is something to do with a diversification. It's about my friends. It's about where they are from and what language they speak including some dialects in Japan. I only had Japanese friends only in Chiba, Yamanashi and Hokkaido until when I was 17. While I was in the US, I made froend with lots of Americans, German, Sudanese, French, Latvian, Dutch and Denish exchange students. Progress in transportation has enabled us to go to the other countries more easily and that let us make frinds all over the world. and this is why, the types of my friends are more diversified before. Lately I made some Chinese and Korean friends, which was pretty exciting. In the diversification of friends, there is no fights, no misunderstandings or no discrimination. We all just find ourselves different from each other and learn something about each country. It's been fun making new friends from foreign countries and I will keep on working on this to get to know about the other sountries and makemy "firends" more diversified.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm in Japan, right?

When I was on the train the other day, I was sitting next to an Afirican American guy on my left and a white woman on my left. Of course it was not the first time to see foreigners or to sit next to a foreigner on the train, but I felt like I just experienced something new.
We see lots of foreigners these days, but we don't get surrounded by foreigners, I mean, how often do you sit between foreigners on the train? Why I felt that way was simply because I felt like I was not in Japan for a moment. Of course I was in Japan, but sitting between foreigners is not something you can experience everyday in Japan. If this country will be diversified and there will be a lot more foreigners, maybe the experience will not be a rare one.
Speaking of sitting next to a foreigner, When I interviewed an African American before, he told me that when he gets on the train, sometimes a person standing next to him looks kind of nervous though he has done nothing wrong. Since there are not so many foreigners in Japan, we might feel kind of nervous or uneasy to be with foreigners. But what we really need to do is give them warm welcome.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Sandeer Vll - Alcohol -

A bad news was reported that a 19-year-old boy had cans of beer and hit a tree when he was driving home at 11:30 last night. He is seriously injured, but his life is in no danger . It was the tenth car accidents caused by drunk alcohol in this months. Good god, how could people be so stupid? Driving a car after drinking much alcohol? Think what your are doing before you take actions!
Anyway, since some of those who had a car accidents were teenagers, maybe we should set a limit on the age they can drink alcohol in Sandeer. How old should they be to be allowed to drink alcohol? 20? 21? or oldeer?? Hmmm...let's make it 20 and see how it works.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Sandeer VI - Gun Control -

Since Sandeer is as large as one of the big villages that you can find in Japan, we don't have police action for people in sandeer. Basically, everybody keeps eyes on each other in case someone commits some silly buisiness. However, women and children are not as strong as men and they need something like a gun to protect themselves.
Now let's think about "guns". The good aspect of having a gun is that you can protect yourself easily even if you are a little child or a woman. Bad aspect is that once everybody has a gun, there will be lots of crimes with guns and more lives of people will be taken by the gun shots. I don't wanna make Sandeer a dangerous country with thousands of guns. I don't wanna let people have guns. So now we have to come up with some kind of idea to protect women and children. But how...?

Sandeer V - Minority and Majority -

2 Chinese and 3 Japanese moved out of Sandeer and went back to where they came from. Although the election was done to see the need of the citizen of Sandeer and that's how I chose our national language, was that really fair? I mean, obviously that was not fair for minority. In this case, majority was the people who could understand and use English while minority was the poeple who couldn't understand English and didn't want English to be the national language of Sandeer. Minority knew they would have a language problem after a national language was chosen. For minority, this election itself didn't seem to be fair. But you know, minority rules lots of things in the world. Now we have to think about "what we can do to protect the right of the minority".

Monday, October 17, 2005

Sandeer lV

English has become the national language. What's that supposed to mean? Does that mean it's gonna be more convenient to live in Sandeer? Or, does that mean those who don't speak English will have problem living in Sandeer? Well, if you go to the counry and you can't understand the language that is spoken there, you will probaly feel alone because you can't communicate with people. How hard would that be if that happens in your own country? Well, actually it's been a problem for some people since the election. 2 Chinese and 3 Japanese have sent me messages which says they are gonna leave Sandeer if English is gonna be our national language. You have offered free interpretor for them, but they still say they don't wanna live with language problem. It's much more comfortable for them to go back and live in the country where they came from.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

??Foreigners Don't Speak Japanese??

Today, in our English seminar class, we discussed about the cultural diversity in Japan. One of the topics we talked about was that foreigners in Japan speak to us in English. Why do they speak in their own language in another country? If you are in another country, do you speak in Japanese? I don't think so. You will speak in their language, right? Maybe it is because you don't expect them to understand Japanese. Then what about the foreigners in Japan? Do they expect us to understand their language? Yes, if the language is English.
How about when we speak to them? If you see a foreigner at the station and he seems to be having a problem figuring out the way to buy a train ticket, would you speak to them in Japanese or in English? Well, it depends, but maybe in English. Why is that? It's because you don't really expect them to speak Japanese. But some foreigners might not like to be spoken in English if they can speak Japanese very well or they prefer to speak in Japanese. I know it's hard to decide which language we should. But this is a sort of thing that we have to think about if we live with people from different countries.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sandeer lll

Today was the day of the election. To make it fair and to show that there is no cheating, you gathered all the citizens into the square in front of the government office and make them vote at the same place at the same time right in front of everybody else. By now, you might be wondering what they are going to vote for. Here are their choices:
  1. Use English as a national language.
  2. Use several languages, Englsh, Spanish and German as national languages.
  3. Don't choose a particular national language.

* If you choose 1 or 2, we have to raise tax because we have to provide lots of interpreters for those who don't speak the chosen language.

It didn't take that long to get election done because there are only 100 people in this country. As soon as the last person voted, you started to open it right in front of the people. Here is the result of the election:

1 - 64 votes

2 - 28 votes

3 - 8 votes

Thus, the national language of Sandeer has become English.